Resource: Water Jug

A quick little model of a water jug. Rendered in Cycles. Continue reading

Coffee Cups

I was sitting on the computer, then I saw this Starbucks coffee cup my dad was drinking, so I decided to try and model it since I’m not that great at modelling and it looked simple enough. Continue reading

Crushing Metal Using Soft Bodies In Blender

I just recently watched this tutorial by GreyscaleGorilla on how to smash a van by using ¬†“Plastic Deformation” in Cinema 4D. I thought it was a really cool and interesting way to do that, but since I don’t have Cinema 4D, I decided to try to see if I could achieve the same effect with Blender. It was actually pretty simple, a lot of the things were pretty similar. And since it’s so easy and so cool, I thought I’d share it and make a small tutorial.¬†Also, for this tutorial, I kind of assume that you know the basics of Blender.

This is the result we want to get at the end of this tutorial:

Alright, let’s get started… Continue reading