Toy Train

I haven’t done anything in Blender lately because of school and stuff. So today I made this picture of a little wooden toy train.

The final render for Toy Train

The final render for Toy Train

The actual train itself is seriously based off of a train model by Alessandro Cangelosi on CGCookie, from this tutorial. I actually never saw the tutorial because it was for 3DS Max, so I modelled it after the tutorial preview picture.

This train was actually really easy and simple to model. It was all just basic shapes, like cubes and cylinders that were scaled to the right size. Then I just beveled the edges to make it more round.

I rendered it in Cycles using an HDRI for the main lighting. I also used a huge mesh light behind the trains for some nice rim light. The wood shader was just a Diffuse and a Glossy Shader mixed together. Then I added a bump map to it that I got off of Google. I did this picture really quick since it’s not really a project or anything like that, I just wanted to get back inBlender again. I also  did some post-pro in the Compositor.

If you guys want, you can download the final model from  BlendSwap here.


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