Here’s a quick and fun little image I made in Blender using a whole lot of Displacement modifiers.



I applied a bunch of  Displacement and Decimate modifiers to an Icosphere and got some pretty crazy results. So I decided to add the same modifiers a Torus and Suzanne, and then spread it across a plane using hair particles.

To get the colors, I used a color ramp and the Tangent Geometry node in order for it to show different colors on different faces. I also mixed that with a white diffuse using a Fresnel factor.


Simple Material Node Setup

Simple Material Node Setup

Then I just used simple Ambient Occlusion as lighting and rendered it in Cycles. I also did some very minimal post-processing in the compositor.

And thats it! I’m probably gonna do a bunch more pictures with this sharp abstract style since it’s pretty interesting to me.


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