Dragon’s Loyalty Award!

So today, something super awesome happened. I got an award!


I was nominated by Doris Fiebig (from the awesome blog “Fun with Zbrush”) with the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. Basically this award is a way to show other bloggers that they inspire us or that we appreciate them. And that means a lot to me that my blog has been pretty useful to others. It’s really awesome to get this award.

How I understand it, when you get this award, you must announce with a post and a picture of it (that’s what this post is), you present 15 other bloggers with the award, comment on their blog to let them know (of course) and write 7 interesting things about yourself. I’ve never got an award before so this is all pretty new, but very cool.

I would definitely nominate Doris with the award but since she already got one I guess I can’t haha. So here’s 15 blogs I nominate for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award:

  1. Adaptive Samples
  2. Ben Simonds
  3. B°wide
  4. Dots&Shadows
  5. 3designvis
  6. Dan Rodgers
  7. Learning Blender
  8. Blender HD
  9. MonkeyWorks Illustration
  10. Kosandesign
  11. Vector 3D Lab
  12. Jaincareyphotography
  13. Love to Sketch
  14. ChippedToothGallery
  15. Tifanee Libkuman

These are all AMAZING blogs, you should seriously check them all out. Especially those top 3, they always have great Blender tips.

Now for 7 interesting things about me:

  1. I am the youngest in my family (3 other siblings)
  2. I started using Blender when I was about 12 but only recently I feel like I’m actually getting better
  3. I used to like drawing way more before, and I still do but not as much
  4. The first 3d program I’ve ever used was Maya 2010
  5. I live in Hawaii (to a lot of people that’s pretty interesting haha)
  6. The only sport I like is Track and Field
  7. I watch a lot of tutorials, especially one’s that aren’t for Blender. Because those ones don’t just tell you what buttons to press, they show you techniques and reasons why you should do certain things

So again thanks to Doris for nominating me, it’s really an honor and I hope I can keep making my blog better and better to help and inspire more people. 🙂


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