Updated Triangulated Mountains

I’ve decided to re-render my “Triangulated Mountains” image to make it bigger and edit it a bit differently.
Triangulated Mountains - Updated HighResI left all the geometry, lighting, and settings the same. I just changed the aspect ratio and resolution. I also changed the post-processing, I didn’t make it as purple and I used high-res dust textures for the camera. I made everything pretty subtle.
I rendered it in Cycles by rendering it twice at 250 passes and then mixing them together. It took kind of long.

4 thoughts on “Updated Triangulated Mountains

  1. This is exactly what I was looking for! I need an abstract mountain scene for a newsletter my company will be sending out, and I think this would work really well! How would we go about getting your permission to use the image?

    • As long as you just credit me by putting something like “image created by David Zerba” somewhere by it, that should be enough for me. I would love to see my picture being used for print 🙂

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