Mirror’s Edge

I can’t believe I found this render, I made it back in September of 2011. I learned a lot from making this one.

Final render of my Mirror’s Edge inspired image

It was kind of based off the style of this really cool game called Mirror’s Edge, where every thing is blown out and it’s mostly white with accents of a bright saturated color. It was really simple but I learned a lot of new things when making it.
One of the things I learned was about Ambient Occlusion and how it adds more depth to the objects. I also didn’t know how to make the AO less noisy so I played around and found the Sample settings. I never knew anything about the World tab and how to make the background a gradient.
I also found out about the compositor. I was trying to find out how to add the lens flares and the zoom effects on the edges. I played around with a bunch of things before I could finally find it, and I couldn’t believe how simple it was. I didn’t even know how to use textures at all. I had to find a way to make the red light things fade out as they went up. And since I knew you could make gradients with the sky, there HAD to be a way to do it with materials.
This was when I didn’t know much about Blender so working on this image really helped me to learn know things and find knew parts of Blender. So this is probably one of the most important picture I have ever made haha.

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