Resource: Studio Backdrops

I found myself making a lot of product shots lately, and thought that maybe it would be easier to have a set of backdrops that are easily customizable and that i could use really quickly instead of having to model them every time. So that’s what I did!
Here I created five (5) different studio backdrops that you can use for products shots, showing off your model, or anything where you need a nice infinite background.

Studio Backdrops Poster - final

All of them have customizable parameters that use Shapekeys to control them. Those parameters include:Roundness, Height, Width, etc.
Hopefully you guys find this really useful, I know I have, and if there is any problems with it please please please let me know, I would like to make this better if I could.
There was no scripting involved because I have no idea how to script haha, but it would be awesome if somehow this were an add-on where you could choose from a menu which ones you want to import.
You can download the studios from BlendSwap here, enjoy and I hope it helps someone and happy blending!

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