This is a simple image I made when I was really bored.

What I made when I was bored.

What I made when I was bored.

I used Blender 2.64 and rendered in Cycles at 200 passes so that there is still some noise in the image (also so it didn’t take long to render). I also did a whole lot of color correcting in Photoshop CS6 and added lens flare and dust to make the image more interesting.

A close-up shot of the weird shape thing.

A close-up shot of the weird shape thing.

The technique I used to make this image was practically the same as the Triangulated Mountains image. I just used a bunch of Displacement Modifiers and some Decimate Modifiers in order to get that “low-poly” look. For the outer wire thing I did it a little bit differently. I duplicated the main mesh, then deleted only the faces. I added another Displacement Modifier and scaled it along the normals in order to make it look different and bigger than the original mesh. I then added Icospheres to the vertices using a particle system. After converting the particles into actual objects, I turned the wire mesh into a curve in order to add some thickness by adding a Bevel to it.

For the lighting and rendering, I just added a simple Mix Shader of a Glossy and a Diffuse Shader. I made the color for the Diffuse Shader a blend of a sort of purple and blue based on a Fresnel Value. I just used a big mesh light straight above the object and a curved plane in order to give that “infinite background” effect.


4 thoughts on “Boredom…

  1. Beatifull. I also really like your site, everything here just oozes minimalism and style…

    Good job, also the toy train is beatifull. I like how you got the bump to look that good, i dont know what trickery made it look so good XD

  2. Any quick way to get rid of the tracer white lines/grid. I’d love to use it as a base for raw ore. Please let me know ur thoughts. I’d also shoot for a below 200 poly count.

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