Ribbon Stuff

I haven’t made anything in a while, so I decided to quickly create something in Photoshop CS6. I kind of made this grungy picture with stripes across it, or ribbons. There really was no purpose to this picture but I thought it would look cool, so I went for it. The end result and the colors turned out pretty nice I think.

Final image of the ribbons with a light background

This is actually pretty basic and easy to create. First, I just made the stripes. For the orange ribbon, I just used the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M), and for the blue ribbons I used the Lasso Tool (L). In order to get consistent 45° angles, I held down the Shift key while dragging it. Next, I colored the ribbons with a Gradient Overlay Layer Style. I made it pretty subtle or else they would look really round. After that, I added a Drop Shadow Layer Style to everything and made sure the shadows were nice and soft. I then got a font from DaFont, placed it where I wanted it, then added the grunge texture which I got from Google. I made it Multiply and lowered the opacity so it’s not so strong. For the background, I just used the Gradient Tool with it set to Radial instead of Linear. I couldn’t decide if a dark or light background looked better, so I just did both.

Final image of the ribbons with a dark background

After that, I just added some small color correction and some chromatic abberation.  If you want, you can download the finished .psd  by clicking the image at the bottom.


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