Triangulated Mountains

I decided to make this image after seeing this render by Nick Campbell. I wasn’t trying to fully recreate it but I thought it had a cool style and so I wanted to see if I could get that sort of effect in Blender.

Final render for "Triangulated Mountains"

Final render for “Triangulated Mountains”

To make it, I used an Ocean Modifier, then Decimated it a couple of times. To add more height, I used a Displace Modifier with a Cloud Texture. To make the wires, I just duplicated the mesh, then deleted only the faces, and converted it to a Curve. I did that so I could add Bevel and thickness. For the spheres, I just used a Particle System (on the main mesh), with it set to hair, and made it  so that it only shows up on the Vertices.

I used Cycles to render it with just a Sun lamp and a Sky Background for some GI. I rendered it with an easy car paint shader, the flakes are kind of stretched but I think it actually turned out pretty good. I did some color correction and post-processing in Blenders Compositor for some final touches. Here’s the original render, before all the composting and stuff:

Original render of "Triangulated Mountains"

Original render of “Triangulated Mountains”

Update: This picture got to be used as the BlenderNation header!

My picture being used as the BlenderNation header!!


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